Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our First Fundraiser for the Daughter of Our Hearts!

This is one of our dear friends Smitty, he is a self proclaimed "chef". He loves to cook and does a great job at it. He helped us raise money for our daughter by teaching a class on how to make Yummy Tiramisu and Creme Brulee. Oh these desserts were divine.
Some of my precious friends came and learned how to make these delicious desserts while donating money for our adoption fund. If you know me well, you know I LOVE to cook. So this was right up my alley.. cooking, eating and socializing with some good friends.

Here's a picture of my friends, Ginger, Kathy and Ginger's daughter Grace and Ruby Caroline. I think we all had fun and enjoyed ourselves.
I can't thank everyone enough for coming to support us on our journey of adoption. I am always blown away with how God provides for us along this journey. It may be a prayer from someone, a phone call, a donation or just someone saying how happy they are for us. God has provided so many confirmations along the way and I'm sure HE will continue to confirm that HE has a precious little girl for our family.
It isn't a coincident that this Sunday's sermon was about Caring for the Fatherless. God has been speaking to us directly each week at church, confirming HIS plan for us. What a blessing!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This past Saturday, I was able to attend the International Adoption Clinic's seminar on the Joys and Challenges of International Adoption. Wow! This group of professionals are an awesome resource for anyone thinking about adopting or once you do adopt. I was so amazed at their knowledge. What was so great about this team (MD, OT, ST, Family Therapist) almost all of them had adopted or worked in an orphanage at one time. The clinic is in Birmingham, AL.
Well worth the drive to get great care for our little one once she first gets home.
So glad God has provided us with a wonderful resource for our little girl before she comes home and after.
It was a great day, there were families there that were adopting from all over. It is so good to see God working in the lives of people you don't even know but you know you have a special bond with them. One that God put there.
If you have questions about adoption this is a great resource. They had so many answers to alot of my questions and concerns.
Can't wait to get to know them all better once our little one is here.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


As we are patiently waiting. Waiting to complete our home study, dossier and all the other paper work to complete this adoption process. I am reminded today that God can use me in my waiting. He is using me while my faith is growing, deepen of my spiritual roots and to reach out to others.
Is God calling you to something outside your comfort zone? Don't tell HIM no. Reach out for his hand today, HE will walk with you, guide you to what HE has planned for you. Your calling may not be adoption, but it could be. Spend today listening to what God is saying to you.
Today our church is encouraged to have a day of fasting and prayer. I am praying for our sweet precious little girl today. I know God has HIS hand on her today. I am praying for you, that God will touch your heart today, open your mind today to live your life for HIM and only HIM.
Our GOD is amazing. HE loves us so much. Don't tell HIM no any longer.
He is waiting on you today.