Monday, February 7, 2011


Today I was able to take most of our paperwork to the secretary of state's office to be authenticated. Yay! One step closer to China.
We found out we could possibly get a referral in March or April if all continues going good with our paperwork. Wow!
That really blows my mind.. All this waiting... praying... waiting...and praying some more.. I can't wait to see our precious little girls face. I know God is guiding us to her. I feel HIM daily. I pray for her daily. Even our sweet boys pray for her daily. They ask about her daily, make her things(artwork) daily. They even want to share some of their toys with her..(that's saying alot since they don't want to share with each other)
I know we will still be waiting once we get our referral, (lump in throat) but I know we will be so many steps closer to holding her in our arms and bringing her home forever.
I just continue to claim the verse in Hebrews 11:1- Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

I know God is guiding this journey of adoption. We are Trusting Him! and Waiting on HIS timing.


okay- I'm a little late with this post. My wonderful hubby's birthday was on January 31, also the day we got our email/text from the USCIS. :)
We celebrated with a homemade birthday cake, the boys helped make for their dad. I don't have a picture because my batteries were dead in my camera. We had a wonderful time celebrating Mike's bday. I won't share his age... because it might let you know how old I am too.

Also wanted to wish my precious sister-in-law Dawn Happy Birthday! Her's was this past Saturday!!
I love Birthday's just not mine which will be happening this summer. Yikes.

We have been a little stir crazy with all the winter weather we have had the last month. Snow days- when there's no snow is no fun when your kiddos are home and it's too cold to go out and there's NO snow. This weekend we did enjoy some sunshine:)