Saturday, January 28, 2012

Anna's Room

Oh my, I am so excited to finally let you see Anna's room. Not sure if I have ever mentioned my love of owls?? Well, I love owls and when I found this wall stencil I knew it was perfect for Anna's room. My sweet friend Demetria, who is also waiting to get her daughter, helped me put up the stencil. It was so much fun talking about our sweet girls and knowing one day soon they will meet each other. Our boys absolutely love their sisters' room. They have been playing with her toys and loving on her stuffed animals. We are so ready to get her!! They ask every day when are we going to get Anna. Hope to hear our travel dates soon, until then we will keep praying for our sweet girl and getting everything ready for her arrival.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

We got to celebrate a little early for Chinese New Year this Friday night. We welcomed home our friends The Millers and their 2 boys Daniel and David from China. It was so sweet seeing these precious boys with Mary and Lee.
Our boys made a welcome home sign and just loved watching them come home. They are very excited about their baby sister that will soon be here with us.
We also went to an authentic Chinese restaurant and enjoyed some delicous food prior to going to the airport. It was Matthew and Ethan's first time to eat authentic Chinese food. They really liked the fried rice and eggrolls. I know we will eats lots of yummy food while we are in China.
Welcome Home Miller Family!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It seems like yesterday it was a few weeks before Christmas. Wow! We had a wonderful Christmas with our families this year and a laid-back New Years eve. It was great. We got a special present Christmas Eve. We found out we were officially waiting on travel approval (TA).
Yay. What a sweet gift! So, what does that mean, well from my understanding TA usually takes 3 weeks give or take few days with the Holidays. Then you usually travel 2-3 weeks after you get a call with your approval. Meaning we should travel in February.
I will post again once we get all our info for those few followers of our blog. Pray with us For Anna Kathryn. Pray God is preparing her for our family, that everything will go as smooth as possible when we travel. We will take our boys too. I can't wait!!