Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Three China Girls

This past Friday night, we welcomed home our sweet friends and their new baby girl Lane from China. Here we are- three mommas with our sweet girls! We are so happy the Rapers are home and now trying to recover from jet lag. I followed their journey while they were in china. Oh what sweet memories!  I can't wait for. Our girls to become sweet BFF's. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Re-adoption Day

Ok, we have had a busy,eventful week. On Thursday we met in front of this sweet judge to readopt Anna. This helps with getting a US birth certificate. Which will make life easier in the future for school and such. This precious lady was so sweet and wanted to take pictures afterwards. She said adoptions made her job enjoyable. Thank you to our sweet friend - Craig Robertson who was our lawyer to help us walk through all the steps of making this official.
Craig started 200 million flowers an adoption agency to help others with adoption. Check them out- www.200millionflowers.org. Thank you Craig!!!!

Sweet Day!

Sunday we dedicated Anna to the Lord!
Our church had a ceremony that was so precious. Jeff our campus pastor has prayed over and dedicated 2 of our children. All three have been dedicated in the same church just different buildings. We stood down front and as Jeff prayed for us, tears streamed down my face. We are so blessed to be parents to all 3 of our precious children. We pray daily that God will guide us and help us to be Godly parents.

Lil Slugger

Ethan is also playing baseball. He loves it! He's a great hitter and catcher. Coach has him playing first base. Wow. He had his first game last Saturday. He was the only player that didn't hit off the T. We love that our boys are having fun playing baseball way to go Ethan!!
What a cutie!! Love this age.

Our Slugger

We have been very busy with baseball season. Matthew has had a great time playing this year. He is really into the game. He's playing third base and loves it. He even caught a line drive in a game and got one of friends boy out. We are proud of him for doing his best in the game. We only have a few more games. :( I LOVE baseball, it's my favorite sport. I could sit and watch the Braves daily.

Two months home!

Wow! I can't believe it's been 2 months home. Actually today is ten weeks since gotcha day. That day was full of emotions- anxiety, nervousness, joy!! So neat to reflect back and see how much Anna has grown and changed with our family. This week we have had a few milestones- Anna has slept through the night for four nights in a row- what a blessing. She has woken up every night since we got her at least once crying out for me. So happy she is finally getting more peaceful sleep and feeling more comfortable in her home. She has a BFF - Claire our neighbors 2 yr old. They love each other, she had a play date at her house without mom or dad. So happy she has a good friend to play with. We started officially potty training last week. She has done amazingly well. She gets rewarded with jelly beans. Let me say she goes a lot. I think it's just for the candy. So proud of her. We have been very busy with baseball for the boys among lots of end of the school activities. I have a lot of pictures to post. Will do that soon. Keep praying for Anna and our family. It has started to feel like the new normal. A lot less chaotic, a lot less melt downs - from all the kids and mom.